Bending & Tube Manipulation

Freeform Bending

With the NISSIN Freeformbender produced by Neu Machinery Germany it is possible to bend different radii at tubes and profiles in three dimensions without tool change. This is due to a patented tooling in combination with a CNC control system. Radii can follow each other without straight length in between, and can be in different planes. The machine can produce bent tubes with homogeneous wall thickness.
Using a mandrel, thin-walled pipes be bent on the NISSIN Freeformbender, up to a diameter of 90 mm. The smallest radius that can be achieved is close to 2DR. The system can bent not only round pipes, but also flat oval tubes and asymmetric profiles.
The Easy Programming software for Windows has functions that include preview, mirroring and rotation, and in combination with the optional measuring arm makes the handling of the machine easy. Bent parts can be compared and corrected automatically, and 3D CAD data can be used directly to prepare a bending program for the machine. The latest Freeformbenders are available with three, five or six simultaneous axes, combined with automatic loading and unloading devices. The development of a seventh axis will be completed in the near future.
The product range of Neu Machinery includes machines for chipless endforming of tubes, sawing and cutting machines of nearly all materials, and customised automation technology for tube manipulation.
Pressebericht Tupe&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe NOVEMBER 2011
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