Versatile 3D tube bending without tool change

The Nissin Freeformbender from Neu Machinery, Germany, enables 3D tube and profile bending of different radii without tool changes. Based on patented tooling and CNC-control, products can be bent on different planes with continuous radii and no straights in-between.
An alternative to conventional mandrel bending, this technology reduces cycle times as every forward movement of the feeder bar continually supplies the workpiece.
Several test results have shown this bending principle to be ideal for followon hydroforming processes, as the wall thickness remains almost untouched in the bending range. With a coefficient power distribution board, the machine can bend tubes with a homogeneous wall thickness.
Pipes are now used in automotive manufacture as design features and line elements. Automotive design now relies upon increasingly tight spaces, even closer radii and the thinnest possible material for lighter products. The Nissin Freeformbender can also undertake high precision mandrel bending of thin-walled pipes up to a diameter of 90mm. The smallest radius that can be produced is close to 2DR up to infinity.
The machine has recently been improved due to the close cooperation of J Neu with a renowned German car manufacturer who used the first benders in their production. This partnership has led to advanced bending of flat oval tubes and profiles in addition to round pipes.
The Easy Programming Software has various functions such as preview, mirroring, and rotation. These functions are combined with the option of a measuring arm so that bent parts can be compared and corrected automatically. The MS Windows based PC can be connected to LAN and uses all features of modern computers.
Pressebericht Tupe&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe MAY/JUNE 2007
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