J. Neu Angle Bender Type Karnasch WB 100/E

This Angle Bender satisfies your highest demand, for professional use.

Angle bending up to 125° and "U" bends from 8 mm inside width upwards.
The base and bend arm are made from high tensile spheroidal graphite iron with a higher bending resistance than steel - this means that the counter block can be thin and thus allow narrow "U" bends to be achieved.
An eccentric clamping block allows quick changes for various material thicknesses. The pressure jaw is supported on a rigid threaded spindle and to accomodate narrow "Z" bends the bend arm has been placed belos the bending level. Bend jaws are of hardened tool steel and are suitable for both cold and hot bending.
A pin-type angle stop and adjusting screw give any required setting from 0 - 125 °.
J. Neu Angle Bender Type Karnasch WB 100/E

J. Neu Angle Bender Type Karnasch WB 100/E

Technical Data:

Bending capacity**

   cold: hot:
Flatt steel 100 x 6mm oder 50 x 12mm 100 x 12mm oder 60 x 20mm
Round steel 18mm 30mm
Square steel  18mm 30mm
Flatt copper* 100 x 12mm
Angle iron* 60 x 8 mm 100 x 12 mm

Bending capacity with mounted Standard Radius Jaw.
* needs Special jaws Nr. 4 and Nr. 5 and Nr. 6
** Bending capacity responds to material strength 40 da N/mm

Tools and equipment on stock

Dimension and Weight

Base   205 x 175 mm
Width   290 mm
Length without Bending arm   260 mm
Dimension of Bending arm   710 x 40 x 12
Length stop   440 mm
Gross Weight net with Standard equipment included   appr. 24 kg

Standard equipment

  • 1 x J. Neu Angle Bender Type Karnasch WB 100/E
  • 1 x Sharp jaw
  • 1 x Radius jaw r = 4
  • 1 x Length stop
  • 1 x Angle stop