»Bending and Tube Manipulation   
In a discussion of the use and non-use of mandrels, an excellent online primer on tube bending lays out the pros and cons of both methods. The text is accompanied by simple, hand-drawn sketches of a tube "bent the easy way" and another tube "bent the hard way". » read more
(in: Tube&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe NOVEMBER 2011, page 78)
»Freeform bending   
With the NISSIN Freeformbender produced by Neu Machinery Germany it is possible to bend different radii at tubes and profiles in three dimensions without tool change. This is due to a patented tooling in combination with a CNC control system. Radii can follow each other without straight length in between, and can be in different planes. The machine can produce bent tubes with homogeneous wall thickness. Using a mandrel, thin-walled pipes be bent on the NISSIN Freeformbender, up to a diameter of 90 mm. The smallest radius that can be achieved is close to 2DR. The system can bent not only round pipes, but also flat oval tubes and asymmetric profiles. » read more
(in: Tube&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe NOVEMBER 2011, page 84)
The Fabricator - Tube bending with no straights ?
» Tube bending with no straights ?   

Wisconsin tube shop invests in freeform bending technology
Picture a prototype of a medical patient lift with an interior skeleton consisting of a single, contoured tube designed to fit the human body perfectly, making life easier for both patient and caretaker. To most the lift itself might be interesting, but not jawdropping. But for the staff at Sharpe Products, and anyone else familiar with tube bending, for that matter, the lift represents something extremely unusual. It breaks the rules of tube design. » read more
(in: The Fabricator, November 2010, page 56)

Tube&PipeTechnology - Versatile 3D tube bending without tool change
» Versatile 3D tube bending without tool change   
The Nissin Freeformbender from Neu Machinery, Germany, enables 3D tube and profile bending of different radii without tool changes. Based on patented tooling and CNC-control, products can be bent on different planes with continuous radii and no straights in-between. » read more
(in: Tube&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe MAY/JUNE 2007, page 130)
Tupe&Pipe Technology - AdvancedWorkpiece Drilling Solutions
» Advanced workpiece drilling solutions   
Applications requiring fast and accurate drilling of holes in a workpiece are becoming increasingly common. Conventional manual or semi-automatic drilling machines require drilling holes to be marked by hand, which is both time consuming and prone to error. Nevertheless, drilling by hand is still common, since automatic working is often uneconomical, due to high investment costs for X-axis length of more than 1,000mm. » read more
(in: Tube&Pipe Technology, Ausgabe MAY/JUNE 2007,  page 46)