Profile-Processing-Center - Drilling, Tapping and Cutting

Standard processing of small workpieces from aluminum bars consisting of:

cartridge magazine
Handling system for transfer of the profiles in the feed gripper
CNC-feed axis (6000 mm)
saw unit integrated
machining center with 12-times tool changer type "R 600", own CNC control
Unloading equipment and material chute
chip conveyor
control and programming of the entire system with touchscreen

control machining centre Mitsubishi M70

Technical Data:

Type SBC 6
Drive power 7,5 kW/ 5.5 kW  (15min/continuous)
Speed range 60 - 12.000 rpm
Rapid traverse X-,Y-, Z-axis 36 m/min each 
Traverse paths
X-axis feed system 4000 mm (other length on request)
X-axis maching centre 600 mm
Y-axis maching centre 400 mm
Z-axis maching centre 400 mm
Max. workpiece size 200 x 100 x 60 (L x W x H)
Tool changer disc magazine, for 12 tools
Tool changing time 2,2 sec.
Tool fitting BT40
Control machining centre Mitsubishi CNC M70
Control SBC   Eckelmann Touch 
Layout Joint Shaft Production System
Layout Joint Shaft Production System

Joint Shaft Production System

consisting of:
Pipe storage
Pipe cutting system
Pipes up to: Ø 143.8 x 7 mm


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Fully Automatic Cutting and Endforming System

Automation Oetiker

Loading- and Positioningsystem für Stanzautomat

CNC-Positionsystem 6000 mm with loader for automatic press
Punching with mandrel
Cycletime 200 ppm

Automation BL

Machining Center Positioning System Loader

Fully Automatic

consisting of:
Cutting (Aluminium and Steel)

CNC-Positioning System with Punching

CNC Drilling and Cutting System